Our Impact: Success Stories

Thousands of students are working on or have completed their post-secondary education through the Detroit Promise. Below are testimonials from Detroit Promise scholars. View all scholar stories here. 


2021 seniors registered


college students since 2013


eligible high schools

"I am grateful to graduate with a debt-free college degree."

University of Michigan - Dearborn, 2020

Communication and Media Arts High School, 2016

"The Detroit Promise scholarship impacted me in a positive way."

Wayne State University

University of Detroit Jesuit, 2017

"This scholarship has helped alleviate the stress and worry over tuition."

Michigan State University

Communication and Media Arts High School, 2017

"It has encouraged me to never be afraid to go for what I want."

Macomb Community College

East English Village Preparatory Academy, 2018

"Take advantage of this scholarship."

Wayne State University

Cass Technical High School, 2019

"Having a coach made me feel like I had my own personal cheerleader and someone who understands."

Wayne County Community College District

Western International High School, 2016

"Scholarships like the Detroit Promise are designed to make college possible for all students."

Michigan State University

Renaissance High School, 2018

"...Detroit Promise is a great opportunity".

University of Michigan - Dearborn

Macomb Community College

Cass Technical High School, 2016

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