Community College Funding

The Detroit Promise is available to community college students for up to three years.* There are also transfer options available. We are excited to support you on your path to college!

Community College Partner Schools

Support Resources

The Detroit Promise Path is a student success program that assigns a Campus Coach to all Detroit Promise community college students. Campus Coaches connect students with on-campus student resources, support their educational journey and personal growth, and assist them in achieving goals. 

In addition to the benefit of having a dedicated, knowledgeable coach, each scholar participating in the Detroit Promise Path will receive a monthly stipend of $50 and be connected to a community of Detroit Promise scholars.

Learn more about the Detroit Promise Path.

Are you a Detroit high school graduate who completed high school between 2013 and 2023? If you've already registered for the Detroit Promise but haven't utilized your scholarship, or if you took a break from college and now want to return to finish your degree, the Detroit Promise’s Path Back is for you! Please complete this form if interested. 

**If you graduated from a Detroit high school between 2013 and 2023 but never registered for the Detroit Promise, you can get started by completing the form.

Once you complete the form, Detroit Promise will check your registration status and send your name to your selected college. Then, you can follow up with your college to determine any additional requirements. 

**If you graduated after 2015 and would like to connect with a campus coach, please email us at

Learn more about the Detroit Promise and our Campus Coaches.

  • Christina Johnson, Oakland Community College 
  • Elyse Hogan, Henry Ford College 
  • Mark Yancy, Henry Ford College 
  • Reco Spencer, Henry Ford College 
  • Shawnte Cain, Macomb Community College 
  • Syrena Webb, Schoolcraft College 

*Jackson College and Wayne County Community College District do not currently have campus coaches. 

Learn more about the Detroit Promise Path and our Campus Coaches.

Unsatisfactory Academic Progress Appeal 

  • If you lose financial aid due to unsatisfactory academic progress (SAP), you must first inform your campus coach. If you do not have a campus coach, you can contact your school’s financial aid office to inquire about their SAP appeal. 
  • After informing your coach, you must make the first attempt to complete your college’s SAP appeal. 
  • If you are denied, you can request an SAP appeal from your campus coach or email 
  • After you submit your Detroit Promise SAP appeal, our team will review it and determine approval. 
  • If your appeal is approved, a copy of your approved appeal will be sent to you and your college. 
  • If your appeal is denied, you can follow up with your campus coach or email 

Transfer to Another Community College 

The Detroit Promise allows community college students to transfer to another Detroit Promise-eligible college. You must complete this form for your scholarship to be applied at another institution. Please notify your campus coach that you will be changing schools so they can connect you with another coach, if applicable.  

Transfer to a Four-Year Institution 

Want to transfer to a four-year university after completing your associates degree? The Detroit Promise has transfer options available! Please see the chart below to view our transfer partners and their requirements. 

View transfer requirements.

Once you decide which school you would like to transfer to, please contact our transfer coordinator, Syrena Webb, who can help you through the process.  
(313) 378-9036 


The Detroit Promise no longer requires community college students to complete a separate summer funding appeal. Your aid will be handled as any other semester. Please check with your school’s financial aid department to ensure they do not have any additional forms for summer students. 

The Detroit Promise is a tuition-only scholarship. To remain eligible for the scholarship, the Detroit Promise requires that each student: 

  • Complete the current school year’s FAFSA 
  • Complete any additional requirements from their school’s financial aid office 
  • Maintain at least a 2.0 overall GPA 
  • Complete at least 67% of the classes they register for 

Each college has its own disbursement dates when scholarships are applied to accounts. Please contact your college’s financial aid office to inquire about their disbursement date. If you still have a balance near the end of the semester, please let your campus coach know. If you do not have a campus coach, please email us at  

You must complete an appeal and alert your campus coach if you have lost your financial aid due to Unsatisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). 

You can inquire about an SAP appeal with your school’s financial aid office. If your appeal is denied, your campus coach can assist you in completing the Detroit Promise’s SAP appeal. If you do not have a campus coach, please contact us at 

Unfortunately, Detroit Promise does not cover balances due to No Show (NS) grades. 

Thank You Partners and Supporters