University Funding

The Detroit Promise is excited to support you on your path to college. Program funding is available to university students for up to four years, but it cannot be transferred from one university to another university.

University Partner Schools

The Detroit Promise is a tuition-only scholarship. To remain eligible for the scholarship, the Detroit Promise requires that each student:

  • Complete the current school year’s FAFSA
  • Complete any additional requirements from their school’s financial aid office
  • Maintain at least a 2.5 overall GPA
  • Complete at least 67% of the classes they register for

University Support

The Detroit Promise team is excited to help you be successful through your college journey. If you have questions, schedule a one-on-one meeting.


You can inquire about a Scholarship appeal with your school’s financial aid office. Unfortunately, if your appeal is denied or your school does not offer appeals, you are no longer eligible for Detroit Promise funding.  

Detroit Promise does not cover balances due to No Show (NS) grades. 

Each college has its own disbursement dates when scholarships are applied to accounts. Please contact your college’s financial aid office to inquire about their disbursement date. If you still have a balance near the end of the semester, please email us at  

Detroit Promise does not pay for university studentssummer classes. 

University students are encouraged to start classes in the Fall after their graduation. If you are considering a gap year, once you have been verified for your college you must reach out to the financial aid office for gap year approval. Approval is not guaranteed. 

Thank You Partners and Supporters