Angelica Lozano

Angelica Lozano graduated from Western International High School in 2016 and went on to
attend Wayne County Community College District with the help of the Detroit Promise. She is
majoring in Dental Hygiene and is interested in becoming a clinician. During her college
experience, Angelica was able to participate in a Study Abroad program in Singapore. Angelica
will graduate from Wayne County Community College District in Fall 2020. After graduation,
Angelica hopes to work full time as a clinician and eventually further pursue her Dental Hygiene

The Detroit Promise has greatly impacted my life in many aspects. First and foremost, it lifted a tremendous weight off my shoulders from having to worry about the cost of attending college. Being in such a demanding program I quickly knew I would not be able to balance work and school alone. The Detroit Promise has also given me the confidence and motivation I need to keep persevering towards my education by providing me with an amazing coach. Having a coach made me feel like I had my own personal cheerleader and someone who understands the challenges that comes with being a college student. This scholarship has ultimately given me the ability to put my dreams and education first.

Thank You Partners and Supporters